Laser Therapy

Relief from pain with the 40w laser is instantaneous!  However, patients usually need 5 or more treatments for chronic conditions.   “The more chronic and extensive the injury, the more treatments are usually needed,”

In addition to pain relief, the Lightforce xLi reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and promotes healing at the basic, chromosomal level.

Treatments are short, hardly ever longer than a half hour.

Spinal Decompression

They function by using gravity and body-weight to help stretch and lengthen the spinal column, decreasing overall pressure in the spinal discs. Less pressure in the disc can mean less pain. It can also aid in helping to increase flexibility and joint movement. So this would be good with someone with early stages of spinal disc or joint degeneration.

Trigger Point Therapy

What Are Some Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy?

  • Decreased Headaches. Trigger point therapy is a proven method to treat headaches that stem from tight upper back and neck muscles. ...

  • Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion. Pain causes reduced flexibility and range of motion. ...

  • Alleviate Pain. ...

  • Improved Posture.

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